Madelyn Farris

“You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world”-The Beatles

When considering the impact of post-colonial national identities on our current world view you may ask yourself, “Whaaaat’s art got to do, got to do with it?” well, that’s exactly what we intend to find out. I’m Madelyn Farris, an Honors College Junior and BFA Acting student here at Pace.  Pace English professor Anya, Morlan and I are working on a research project to analyze the impact of post-colonial ideas in regards to national and personal identities in the work of British playwright, Tom Stoppard.

At the moment, we’re organizing a panel for an international conference on the power of storytelling in Prague, Czech Republic in May, 2012. Our panel will focus on the potential political power a narrative can employ when told through the lens of a highly individual experience (especially if the narrators are post-modern and/or post-colonial in nature). The paper that Professor Morlan and I are writing for this panel deals with Tom Stoppard’s Play Rock’N’Roll.

We are investigating Stoppard’s assertion that the people who have the greatest power to create political change are not dissidents, but artists. In a broader sense, we will also be researching the effect that Stoppard’s communication with dramatist/dissident/president Vaclav Havel had on Stoppard’s view of dissents and politics. We are also looking at the way Stoppard’s  plays change from page to stage, what gets left out, what is important and how is it deemed so.

So, if you love Rock’n’Roll, come and take the time and read with me.

-Madelyn Farris

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