Blog Post # 2

Professor Marley Bauce and I are making substantial progress on our research. Firstly, our application to the Institutional Review Board was accepted with minimal revisions. (The chair of the IRB said that our proposal was in “wonderful shape.”). We now have permission to send out our surveys to 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students on the New York City and Pleasantville campuses. We have finalized the Qualtrics survey, which we are going to be sending out via email to our 3,000-student sample. Professor Bauce and I are going to be sending the survey out very soon. We wanted to give the student body/staff members some time to recover from Hurricane Sandy before we decided to send out the email. I am curious to know, from the data that we are collecting, whether or not students believe that environmental responsibility extends to food choices. Also, whether or not they believe in corporate responsibility to the planet.

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