Blog #3

My heart beats a little faster as I sit down to write the third installation of my research blog posts. The whole process has been so rewarding thus far and to my perpetual astonishment, when I think it cannot get any better it does.

Firstly, Dr. Wexler and I are at the stage where we are analyzing the data that we gathered last semester. Right now we are making decisions about entering the data into SPSS, or Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences. This program is used by researchers to analyze data and present our findings in an appreciable fashion such as a graph. This will also provide the basis for the year-end presentation to which I am really looking forward. Before entering the data into SPSS we have to figure out the scoring of the scales we used in order to enter the results in the program. I am excited to get a sneak peek at the students’ answers on the surveys from the pre and post test and see whether the answers changed following the Aging Sensitivity Experience.

This research project and Dr. Wexler specifically presented another thrilling opportunity for me. Dr. Wexler will help me write and submit an abstract for the National Gerontological Nurses Association where Dr. Wexler was recently awarded the status of fellow for her leadership in gerontological nursing. This opens up the opportunity to present our research results with a student poster at the conference later this year.

We are entering the home stretch in this process. We administered the pre-test and the intervention. We gathered the data on the post-test. I am looking forward to sharing my results with you as the data becomes available hot off the press.

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