An update on progress, Blog #3

Well, it has been quite a whirlwind for Dr. Zaslow and I as we have gone about this research process. As mentioned in my last blog post, we had reached out to several communities that were relevant to our project, but unfortunately not everything goes as planned: we did not receive proper clearance from any community we reached out to, making our original project impossible to complete within our time frame.

Though a disappointing prospect to face, we went back to the drawing board to refocus our research and reviewed the possibilities that were available to us. Thankfully, Dr. Zaslow and I have nailed out an entirely new project and we are excited to announce that our process is currently underway.

We decided to shift our focus to the discourse made available through major U.S. news publications in regards to stories centering on instances of atypical gender norms; prevalent examples would be of children playing with toys that are typically reserved for those of the opposite sex of theirs or parents deciding to now publicly acknowledge the gender of their newborn child in an attempt to produce an environment clear of all gender norms. By analyzing how major news networks inform their audiences of these news pieces, Dr. Zaslow and I will be producing a framing analysis to acknowledge how far the publicly perpetuated discourse can vary, especially depending on which news network one person regularly tunes in to.

We have already selected our instances, or colloquially deemed ‘moments,’ that we will be analyzing and are nearly finished with compiling the proper transcripts and footage necessary for our analysis. We are both quite proud of our project and hope it could shed light on the monumental effects discoure relating to atypical gender behavior could have on both parents as well as children.

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