Final Blog Post*

Since my last blog post, Professor Bauce and I have been making tremendous progress with our research. We finished meeting with Provost Uday Sukhatme and Angelo Spillo. At both of the meetings Professor Bauce and I obtained some quality information that will be added to our end of the year report. We were both very excited to find out that our Provost is a vegetarian and supports Pace’s sustainability efforts!

Also, Professor Bauce and I have decided to create a petition. The purpose of the petition has not been decided yet. We are in the works of deciding whether or not we would like a sustainability officer on campus or to have funds allocated to the Green Pace Sustainability group.


Not too long ago I met with Tyron Ellen who works for Chartwells at the New York City Campus. The focus of our conversation was Food Waste and establishing a Food Waste Recovery Program at Pace University’s NYC Campus. Pace University is protected under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act established in 1996 by Bill Clinton, to donate any not sold or served food items to a Non-Profit organization. We are working with Chartwells to setup a food donation agreement with The Bowery Mission. Profesor Bauce and I will be incorporating a food waste initiative into our end of the year report.

This research project has tremendously impacted my life. Through the relationship I have established with Professor Bauce, I have been able to expand my knowledge on Food Sustainability, and also enroll in an Independent Study on Food Waste. Professor Bauce has been helping me, on top of our Undergraduate Research meetings, during our weekly colloquium meetings; to finish my documentary on Food Waste and Homelessness in New York City. Our relationship is becoming a lot stronger and I am honestly blessed to have this opportunity. I recently messaged a former supervisor on Facebook to thank her for introducing me to Professor Bauce and convincing me to take his AOK1 Environmental Studies class (ENV 201 – Animals in Society). Our conversations are always very deep and rewarding. Professor Bauce has inspired my interest in food studies while also fine-tuning my business communications skills.  Also, because of this research I have decided to get more involved with food studies and recently I was accepted to work at a Not for Profit called Food Shift in Oakland, California. I also recently applied for a Summer Research Project with the Dyson College to expand my research of Food Waste in San Francisco.

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