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While my research with Dr. Guevara-Escudero did not have a specific research question, it did have a research goal. The main goal of our research was to update the current historical dictionary of Honduras to include current events, people, and institutions within Honduras and the surrounding countries that have relations with Honduras. The organizational structure of the dictionary was also updated so the information would be more accessible for those utilizing the dictionary as a reference for Honduran history.
Among the topics that are included are Spanish Conquest and Settlement, Independence of Honduras, Presidents and Dictators, the United States and the United Fruit Company, Politics and Economy, Military Coups, and Government Institutions, among many others.
Engaging in research with Dr. Guevara-Escudero was very beneficial because it allowed me to research an area that I had never studied before. It enhanced my learning in some of the classes I am taking and was the first time I engaged in research for a professor outside of class. I have enjoyed the Undergraduate Research Program and hope that it will continue to inspire students to research areas that may not be the same thing they are studying while at Pace.

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