Risk Factors Correlated with Suicidal Behavior in Diverse College Students

The research project I am working on is titled Risk Factors Correlated with Suicidal Behavior in Diverse College Students. This project looks at specific risk factors, such as alcohol and marijuana use, sexual assault and discrimination, which are correlated with suicidal behavior in diverse college students, particularly Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual students. The goals of the research are to provide more knowledge on suicidal behavior in these diverse college students. There is limited research in this area, as I have already discovered in doing some of my own research. Therefore, I believe this project could be useful for advancing the knowledge of the field and saving the lives of many college students.

What I am most interested in learning from this project is which risk factors have a higher significance in suicidal behavior. As a college student who has a diverse group of friends I find this information to be helpful, and I believe that many other students would feel the same.

In order to answer the research questions I will be reviewing literature in the field of suicidology, specifically searching for articles that deal with diverse college students and suicidal behavior. Furthermore, I will be conducting SPSS analyses of the data collected from the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey that the Counseling Center has given to each incoming class of students for the past four years. Finally, I will contribute to a literature review for a paper on a suicide prevention method developed at Pace University with diverse students.

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