Silence as a Means of Nonverbal Communication

Stefani Kraker
Prof. Soonhyang Kim

I am so excited to benefit from Professor Soonhyang Kim’s advisement again this semester as we explore silence as a nonverbal means of communication, looking particularly at ESL classrooms. The purpose of the project is to look at the different understandings and intentions of silence, and how this varies among different cultures. This will allow for useful applications of the information in classrooms and schools, and act as a resource for individuals working with multicultural or bilingual students.

I have already learned so much from my first month of working on this paper with Professor Kim. Not only am I being educated on the topic we are researching, the experience of balancing this project with my other schoolwork in my Junior year is enlightening. I am learning so much about the paper writing process, and the protocols needed to put forth accurate and ethical work. It is such a thrilling experience to learn this material in a practical way, which will help me later on in my career aspirations.

Professor Kim and I are utilizing peer reviewed sources to obtain information regarding our research topic, including some she herself has published. This will be a long process but I look forward to completing my second collaborative work with Professor Kim.

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