Blog #1: Implications of Rising Waters

“Implications of Rising Waters” is a research project that will focus on plans that are being proposed by towns/municipalities in Westchester County and New York City to help minimize the threat of rising waters. Given that the sea level is rising and we are seeing higher intensity storms more frequently, the threat of flooding in these coastal areas is significant. The purpose of this research project is to determine if there are adequate plans in place for the inevitable event of rising waters. We will study these plans and develop an informative report focusing on what Westchester County and New York City have planned to protect their valuable coastlines. This research is an ongoing project that we began this past summer. We have reached out to many of the municipalities that make up the coastline of Westchester County already. While not all of them have responded, many of them did and provided us with a good basis of what coastline communities are think and planning.

In the continuation of this project, we plan to extend our research into New York City, a major target for rising waters considering the city lies at sea level. Throughout this research, we will study the level of threat that rising waters poses in theses highly populated areas and our goal is to inform people in these areas about the severity of the issue and that preparing for it is very important.

This problem of rising waters is very near and dear to me as New York is my home and I would hate to see the economy and many lives damaged because of this problem. As an environmental studies major in college, I am exposed to these types of environmental issues all of the time and it is my goal to help other people by educating them on how serious of a threat rising waters really are to this metropolitan area. Angelo Spillo and I expect to learn a lot ourselves throughout the course of this project and we plan to share our knowledge because it is very important and will be very useful to these coastline communities.

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