The Effect of Multimedia on Students’ Performance

When I was accepted into the Undergraduate Research Program I was unaware how vital research was to the academic community.  I realize now that there is such an important message that working on research sends.  There is a whole other world out there, within an academic universe, which can be explored and discovered.   This program has been very exciting thus far and I continue to look forward to the rest of the year and to the final outcome of the project that Dr. Shostya and I are working on.

Since I have started to work on the topic, I have learned a few new techniques in research (thanks to the aid of my faculty member, Dr. Anna Shostya).  I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work with such a smart and influential faculty member.  Dr. Shostya has introduced many new researching methods to me and has encouraged me to explore different paths that the research can take us.  She has encouraged me to keep going with the research and to expand on the many different possibilities that we have discovered.  Dr. Shostya has helped me develop the topic into a more specific area that allows the research to come together much better.

Our research explores the effect of multimedia usage on college students’ performance.  We will focus specifically on Video Games and Social Media.  These types of multimedia are most widely used by college students and take up much of the average college students’ time.  It is important to study these types of multimedia because of the huge impact they have on students’ lives.  These activities have so much of an influence on college students lives that their academic performance is sometimes severely impacted by them.  On the other hand, we would like to see if there is any positive correlation between the time spent on multimedia and students’ academic performance.

In order to conduct our study, we are going to use a Mixed Method.  We plan to combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques to investigate the relationships between the variables and to test the results.  We feel that this will allow us to have a more comprehensive approach to our research.  We have already distributed a survey to about 200 undergraduate students at Pace University.  The Survey Instrument has about eighteen questions broken down into two parts.  One is the general questions’ and the second is related to those who feel as though the multimedia has had an effect on their social and academic performance.  We have asked questions about how many hours they spend on various types of multimedia, as well as what types of multimedia are most vital to their daily lives.  We plan on entering this raw data into an Excel Spreadsheet, and then use charts and graphs to summarize the results.

The next step would be to see if there is any correlation between various multimedia use and the time spent on “useful” activities (such as studying and reading), as well as students’ GPAs.  I look forward to analyzing the data and discussing the results with Dr. Shostya.

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