Analyzing the No Child Left Behind Act

Dr. Morreale and I have been working on the analyzing the data that we have found on the No Child Left Behind Act. I have completed the literature review and  have already began working on regression analysis. The literature review concluded that the Act is in great danger of failing to meet its goal. Although, there has been an increase in students overall performance in our country, the act has been unsuccessful at narrowing the achievement gap. We have looked at the reading and math test scores from the year 2011 on hispanic and black students and students with reduce lunch and have found that many of them are still falling behind and the achievement gap has not been narrowed.  We compared this data to other years from 1999-2010 and have found that even before the act was introduced students were falling behind and after it still has shown very little to no effect on the overall scores.

As of now Dr. Morreale will be helping me plug all the data that I have collected into excel and from that we will work on the regression analysis. We are also planning on not just analyzing the Act and its effects on low-income students but also attempting to find solutions for improving the act in order to help narrow the achievement gap. As of now we plan on finding a way to measure effectiveness through the education production function.


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