Second Blog- MOOC Research

The research being done by Dr. Caputo and myself is going very well. We have gone from having the large concept of a MOOC to having points and lectures we want to eventually incorporate into the MOOC. One of out biggest tasks when launching this MOOC is to advertise it in a way that students around the country will become interested. After sometime, Dr. Caputo and I have decided that one of the best ways to advertise our MOOC is through a self-created website. This website will have information about the MOOC, important dates, information about any resources needed and information about Dr. Caputo and myself. We are in the process of creating this website. After having taken MOOC courses myself, I believe this website will be a great tool for both Dr. Caputo and the students taking his course. The website will also have a blog where students can discuss how they’re feeling and what they are learning. We plan on launching the website some time in Mid-December so keep an eye out for that!


Dr. Caputo is also working in conjunction with a professor from Pace University, Pleasantville campus. This is in the hopes of getting some keen insight into how MOOC’s really work, due to the fact that the professor from Pleasantville is currently teaching a MOOC. Some other work we are doing is: keeping a close eye on the Congressional races going on at the moment or have just recently passed. We are trying to make this course as relevant to the students as possible. Dr. Caputo and I have narrowed down what we want to teach the students in the MOOC as well as his class next semester. Due to the fact that we have not launched the MOOC yet, I don’t have specific data to present at this time. As time progresses and we launch the MOOC as well as the website, we will see how both the MOOC and research is coming along. 

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