Blog Post #3

This new semester brings along with it new objectives for our research project. My professor, Dr. Miller, has completed his infinitely helpful manuscript, titled Kant’s Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason: A Reader’s Guide. As such, my responsibilities of reading Kant’s original text and Dr. Miller’s reading guide are completed. Though the finalization of the manuscript was slightly delayed, I believe it was necessary and allowed the manuscript to realize its full potential. I am profoundly proud and happy for my professor for the realization of what was certainly a time-consuming and challenging endeavor and I am exceedingly honored to have had the opportunity to provide him with assistance and feedback.

As the prodigious task of finishing the manuscript is now concluded, we have the opportunity to explore some new possible areas of research. As of now, one idea for this semester that we are currently examining is analyzing Kant’s exceptional interpretation of the Parable of the Unjust Steward, as I mentioned in my previous student blog. Specifically, we will be exploring if there is any precedent for this interpretation in the Christian exegetical tradition. Currently, I am conducting reviews of prior interpretations of the parable that I have been able to locate at locations such as the New York Public Library. Though becoming more familiarized with such an enormous library was quite a daunting task, it has been one of the more “fun” challenges in my research that I’ve encountered thus far. Additionally, we expect to receive word within the next few weeks as to whether or not the paper that we submitted for the North American Kant Society Conference in Philadelphia was accepted. I am excited to continue working this semester, as it seems that our research plans provide quite a bit more leeway than those of last semester.

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