“And if There is God? Christianity in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and Its Film Adaptations”

For my research I read the original text as well as an international collection of analysis by various critics and philosophers. It was a bit difficult to plan out my paper and follow the outline, but the blogs helped me to do that. After analyzing the novel, I sampled multiple films in order to see how different regions and time periods effected the interpretation of the original text.

This was the first experience that I had with a research project of this scale. It taught me how to search for relevant information, analyze it and present my findings. My biggest worry was not being able to find a lot of different sources, but the library’s database provided me with useful manuscripts that lead to other articles and so on. During the creation of this research paper I faced some challenges. One of them was not to be sidetracked from my main topic. When writing my drafts I caught myself talking about the people that influenced Dostoesvky and were present in his life and other novels by Dostoevsky that had religious themes. This is where the help of my mentor, professor Danilenko came in. He was able to read and pick up on things that I was already used to in my paper, and simply did not notice when rereading it. He said that I should take my topic and be able to as thought a thread put it through my paper, having a strong intro, smooth transitions and a closing conclusion

Overall this research has taught me how to work on projects of a bigger scale, keep deadlines in mind and search high and low for useful and relevant sources. I would recommend any student to participate in the Undergraduate Student and Faculty Research Program in order to gain the skills and experience that will benefit the participant no matter in what field they will be working.


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