Drug Analysis: Comparing Pretreatment Techniques using SPE

The results are in! I finally have gotten results from my experiments.  Not only did we compare the effect of different sorbents with SPE, but we also showed how pretreatment using SPE gives better results in drug analysis.  The use of the two sorbents gave similar results when they were compared indicating both are effective for pretreatment of drugs for forensic analysis.  We could state that due to the faster recovery time of pretreatment with MIP 2 it could be more efficient in the labs.  Pretreatment was shown to benefit the analysis of drugs because without pretreatment with SPE, only a small amount of the target drug was detected.  Future experiments will be done and these include using methamphetamine along with amphetamines for drug testing, the use of other commercially available sorbents for comparison with the presently used and using a variety of different biological fluids for analysis like blood.

All great things come to an end, but it is bitter sweet.  I have concluded research and have produced a poster; presenting our results.  The week of spring break, my fellow research comrades and I presented at the American Chemical Society (ACS) national conference in Dallas, Texas.  This was my first time presenting a poster to an audience, but it was a wonderful experience and I loved doing it.  I learned a lot from attending this conference and met a lot of great people that work in the field of chemistry.  We met the science advisor for the AMC television series “Breaking Bad”, Donna Nelson, she is campaigning to become the head of ACS.

I will be presenting my research at many more conferences this semester.  I will be presenting my research every weekend for the next month.  I will present at the Dyson’s Society of Fellows, the Eastern Colleges Scientific Conferences (ECSC)  at Marist College, Wayne Patterson University Undergraduate Research Symposium  and ACS URS where I will be doing an oral presentation that will be also presented at the Undergraduate Student – Faculty Research Initiative  showcase day.  It will be a long journey but I am ready for the challenge, and I look forward to gaining more experience.


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