Final Update

I have been continuing to meet with my faculty mentor, Dr. Marcy Kelly on a weekly basis to discuss the project. I have been conducting literature reviews on my project. I am still currently waiting for the microscope I will need for my experiments to be properly configured to the appropriate computer. The microscope repairperson will be coming to Pace on Tuesday to do this. In addition to literature reviews, I have also been modifying and strengthening my protocol for the experiments. I will be conducting my first trial on Monday, so that I can have slides ready to view on the microscope on Tuesday after the microscope is fixed.
This project has taught me that research will have many setbacks. It is important to keep a positive attitude and look into alternative options to overcome obstacles that will inevitably come up. This experience has helped me to better my literature reviewing skills. It has also helped me to develop my critical thinking skills which are applied to the process of designing experiments and figuring out how to solve obstacles. In conclusion, this experience, though not without difficulties, has been positive and has enabled me to grow as a scientist.

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