Wrapping Up

As Dr. Knapp and I are wrapping up in our final month of research, it is interesting to look back and see the progress of our project thus far. At first, we had such a broad topic and did not know what exactly our scope was in terms of what we want to zone in and really focus on. Through much research, we finally broke it down to looking into customer based research. Since the last post, the interviewers in which we spoke with really helped. It is very beneficial to have people in the industry have in depth conversations to us about what we are simply reading about. One very important aspect that I learned throughout this process is that no matter how many technological advances predictive analytics has come upon within the past years, this idea of looking at consumer behavior and making business decisions is something that will never die out. The whole idea of capturing customer information, reviewing trends and developing models that identify what a customer might like is something every organization needs to look at on some level in order to run a successful business. I am very  interested to see how the progress of this goes throughout the years.

Our next steps include putting our research together in a paper, as well as preparing our presentation for the final showcase. I can’t express how much this research has impacted me from teaching me various techniques on to conduct basis research to actually learning about the context itself. Being in a business based profession, it is interesting to see how customer analytics plays such a heavy role in the business world. Interviewing the professors as well as the people who work with a predictive analytical tool really showed me how useful this practice is and how widely used it is. I am excited to use this research to better brand myself and to be more knowledgeable about such an extensive topic. I am looking forward to see everyone else’s presentations as well!



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