Blog 3

A Comprehensive Study of Disability Film Media at a Major Metropolitan University

Blog #3

After I finished conducting all my focus groups I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Though I would have loved to continue with even more focus groups, I was quite satisfied with the outcome of my project’s data collection. I had pages and pages of notes filled with great comments and data. Though the outcomes were great, I still had a few bumps I encountered along the path.

During my second focus group many of the students did not show up. We predicted 35 and only 22 came. Out of those 22 people 18 of them were an hour late. This really delayed everything, but with a strong 4 people we began and watched the first film.

After looking back at that day, I realized we were quite productive for the horrible circumstances we were in. After the first film the other students came. They were participating and they had so much to say. I learned that even a bad focus group can bring a lot of useful and interesting data.



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