Blog 4

A Comprehensive Study of Disability Film Media at a Major Metropolitan University

Blog #4

In this study we attempted to learn from focus groups of students without disabilities if disability film media enables discernable engagement and advocacy of the students for the rights of individuals with disabilities. We also attempted to learn from focus groups of families and individuals with disabilities at AHRC New York City if the disability film media facilitates engagement and self-advocacy of the individuals for themselves.

The study ultimately was a success.

“The authors confirmed the benefits of disability film media in representing authentic and credible portraits of individuals with disabilities. The study definitely disclosed further the benefits of engaging students without disabilities on disability media projects, in learning of others with disabilities through pronounced proper realities and representations in the disability film media. Lastly, the study divulged ideal proper portrayals for others with disabilities in the Hollywood mainstream media, a media that is often flavored by fear, focus on impairments and prejudice.”

Looking back at my experience, I learned a lot and gained a lot. I learned how to be a leader and how to conduct focus groups. I also learned how to create a film festival which was used for our study. Over all my experience was life changing and rewarding.



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