Blog #1 – Understanding the edTPA

Ashley Jimenez- Murphy

UG Summer Research Blog #1

Understanding the edTPA as a High-Stakes Assessment in New York State: Policy Meets Practice in the Student Teaching Experience

The purpose of this project is to describe the first round of policy implementation of the edTPA for the teacher licensure in New York State from key perspectives. The edTPA is performance assessment to help determine if new teachers are ready to enter the profession with the skills necessary to help all of their students learn. It is intended to be used for teacher licensure and to support state and national program accreditation, and to support program renewal. Overall the goals of our research includes a review of the policy documents that are related to the edTPA in New York State and a descriptive review of the experiences from the perspectives of the first round of teacher education candidates (student teachers) who have completed the edTPA in one program.

During the summer, both Professor Clayton and I will be collecting and reviewing New York State policy documents about the edTPA. In order to gather information on the perspectives of the first round of teacher education candidates who completed this assessment, we will be reviewing edTPA submissions. WEewill also be sending out an electronic survey and later interview student teachers to get data on their perspectives and experience with the edTPA.

I expect to gain more information on the edTPA, especially the experience of those who have recently completed this assessment. It is important to me to do this research in order to help those who will be completing the edTPA as the future of many careers depend on it, including my own. This will directly affect teacher candidates. Already I am learning about the policy, implementation and the assessment itself. I am eager to keep learning and reviewing documents and data received from the teacher candidates who directly experienced the edTPA.

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