Employee Satisfaction: An Empirical Study

I am working with Dr. Shamira Malekar on the topic of Employee Satisfaction. The objective of our research is to identify how satisfied or dissatisfied employees of an organization are with respect to various factors like organization environment, work, communication system, compensation and benefits, values, management policies, performance management system, culture, commitment that form the integral part of ‘Job’.

This topic is very much appealing to me as my major is Human Resource Management and I have always been intrigued by the dynamics of employee engagement in a corporate setting. At the end of this research, I hope to gain a clear understanding of the strategic solutions needed for an effective retention of good employees at all levels of an organization. In order words, my goal is to identify the ways in which HR professionals should motivate and engage their workforce to reduce employee turnover and increase organizational effectiveness.

In order to answer my research question, I will follow four steps:

  • First, collect secondary data on the topic under investigation using research databases like Ebsco and ProQuest.
  • Second, select key articles/journals as they relate and respond to the research question.
  • Third, organize the information into different themes to shape my analysis.
  • Fourth, summarize the findings and present my conclusion.

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