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Creative potential, Self-Esteem, and Self-Concept Clarity: a Multi-domain, Multivariate approach

Our research is focused on creative potential across domains and the relationship it holds with different dimensions of self-esteem in adolescence. Thus far, we have established creative potential (in visual arts, music and story-writing) to be a mainly domain-specific ability and we have also found several significant associations between different domains of creativity and sub-domains of self-esteem including, creative self-esteem and self-concept clarity. These pilot results were presented by our research group, the IDID Lab, at the Pace University’s Psychology Conference this May.

The purpose of this project is the extension and refinement of our ongoing research. Specifically, we plan to:

  1. Increase the sample size to increase both internal and external validity of our results.
  2. Involve a larger and more diverse panel of experts to gauge how the study results are consistent across domains of expertise.

An aspect of our research relies on the expertise of judges to score the creative productions completed by the study participants. As mentioned, part of our plan extend our project is to increase the number and diversity of judges involved in the scoring process. To do this, we will include experts from multiple domains of expertise including visual arts, music, and writing.

We suspect that the diversity in judges may show some new associations between the creative domains and and self-esteem dimensions, due to the judge’s domain of expertise.

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