Fall Research Blog Post #1

Happy Fall Semester everyone!

My name is Colleen Spang, and I began my research project over the summer with Dr. Angela Northrup. In order to understand my project and my goals for the research, I encourage you to read my two blogs that have already been posted this summer. When you see the list of all our names, under “2014-2015 Students”, on the Pace Undergraduate Research page, click the third tab over that reads “Archive” and then click on my name “Colleen Spang”, under the “Summer 2014” heading. By reading those two blog posts, you can have a better understanding of everything I will be discussing.

I am happy to report that Dr. Northrup and I have our first poverty simulation experience scheduled this semester! The simulation has been set for Saturday, November 1st, from 8am to 1pm, in Wilcox Gymnasium. As of now, about 40 nursing students will be participating since it has been added to their Nursing 110 class curriculum. Dr. Northrup has been able to recruit several nursing faculty members to assist us with planning, organizing, and running the poverty simulation.

There are a lot of components involved with planning prior to the simulation. The entire kit we received, from the Missouri Association for Community Action, provides us with all the instructions, poverty family scenarios, community resource materials, “child” dolls, and the factual information about poverty and the programs for those individuals in our country. It takes a great deal of time to sort through and read through, so Dr. Northrup and I are making sure we all know, for the most part, all aspects of the simulation kit. Almost every week this semester, we have met in person to either go through the kit or discuss our plans with the research.

A major goal for us, before the simulation, will be securing the appropriate number of volunteers required to successfully run the simulation experience for students. We are reaching out for volunteers through the media, family and friends of those involved, and I even emailed a volunteer recruitment flyer to Susan Maxam for her to circulate on the NYC campus.

In regards to the research aspect, Dr. Northrup and I have scheduled the dates and times for data collection. I will be presenting the Nursing 110 students in Dr. Northrup’s class with the two surveys, on October 23rd and November 6th, at 4pm. The surveys will be voluntary, and those filling out the survey a week before the simulation will be identified with a number to match their survey responses a week after the simulation. I will also be presenting the Nursing 110 students in Professor Nicholl’s class with the surveys, on October 28th and November 11th, ay 4pm.

After Dr. Northrup and I collect all of the before and after simulation surveys, we will work on computing the data and statistics of each survey. It is important for us to retrieve the basic statistics, as soon as possible, because I plan on submitting an abstract to the Eastern Nursing Research Society, in order to attend their 27th Annual Scientific Session, in Washington D.C., from April 15th-17th. Dr. Northrup and I both hope to attend the session to present our research.

If anyone would like to come and observe our poverty simulation, please feel free! In my next blog post, I will be discussing how the simulation experience went, and hopefully some statistics from our research!

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Senior Lienhard School of Nursing RN4 - BSN Program Graduation May 2015

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