Mindful Messaging

Mindful Messaging. The goal of our research is simplified to these two essential words. We want to bring the highly beneficial practice of mindfulness to the omnipresent practice of sending text messages. Texting is part of the way we interact with people be it colleague, family member, or love interest.

There are many risk behaviors associated with texting (such as texting while driving and sexting) that have potential for serious repercussions. We believe that much of our normative texting behavior, let alone texting behavior that could be risky, is not frequently subject to mindfulness. It is easy not to be fully aware of one’s state of mind when sending a text.

We look forward to seeing a correlation between mindfulness and use of the app. Our goal is to figure out what population will gain the most from using the app and to follow their progress as they learn more about mindful texting.

Through an increase in general mindfulness, we expect users to become less impulsive, more conscious of their motivations to text and its effects and thus maybe even increase relationship satisfaction. We also expect to see a substantial drop in risk behavior associated with texting.

Conducting this research I came to realize that even I, the self proclaimed mindful texter, was not as mindful of my texting motivations as I had liked to believe. The realization came to me through the course of a month working on the app. This is the kind of experience we hope our users will experience.

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