The Olympic Games: What are the issues with becoming more sustainable?

The purpose of this research is to evaluate research on the sustainability of the Olympics during the period 1994-2014. We expect that we will be able to describe the nature of the research published and the needs for further research into ways to assure that the Olympic games will be more sustainable- environmentally, socially and economically. We plan to be able to use the guidelines developed by the Olympic Games Committee and compare them to the current state of research.

We have conducted an extensive review of journals using Scopus which is the largest abstract and citation database of peer reviewed articles with 53 million records and 21, 915 titles.  At this point, we have developed a database of articles with the relevant information that includes author, year, journal, article title, abstracts and methodology used.  We had read and categorized the articles in preparation for a more in depth analysis.

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