Mindful Messaging App Survey – Blog #2

Currently, Dr. Trub and I are working on accumulating a large amount of data from the Mindful Messaging App Survey. We have been trying to get as many eligible participants (between ages 18-29) to take the survey, using social media, word of mouth, and mturk.com. To encourage participation, all participants have the chance of winning one of three $75 Amazon gift cards.

The survey consists of a number of established measures with high validities we believe relate to texting behaviors. We look to find correlations between measures assessing: attachment style, emotional regulation, risky texting behaviors, and mindfulness, to name a few, with texting behaviors.

In order to create a reliable survey, the factors we created were cross-validated by results from two sample groups. In this final survey, we’ve included established scales with high reliability so that when we can prove that our measures are reliable. While developing our measures, we kept in mind the themes discussed in the app for inspiration. For example, I would think, “What factors contribute to texting while driving? Maybe a desire to stay constantly in touch, maybe impulsivity.” Through this process we began to slowly formulate questions that tap into behaviors (texting to escape negative affect, texting to express feelings, texting to find companionship etc.).

I hope that once done collecting and processing the data that we spark a discussion amongst scholars and fellow researchers. This survey does not seek to simply define an individual’s texting habits, but instead what factors prompt the texting behaviors of individuals.


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