Blog #2

Dr. Green and I conducted a review of literature, which included 137 articles from around the world. The extensive review of literature identified there was need for more quantitative research on the impacts of the Olympics regarding the social and cultural issues. To this end, we have developed a survey instrument, which we plan to submit to the human subjects review committee for approval.

We anticipate using the instrument to survey Brazilians this March during the 2015 International Management Field study trip to Brazil. We will be surveying local residents in Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Rio de Janerio. This will also include those residing in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. A favela is what we would call in the United States the “slums”. Essentially, favelas are located in urban areas consisting of populations of low-income residents who build their homes from the ground up. Typically, we see favelas being raided in the news for having heavy drug trade and inhabitable dwelling conditions. This will give us a balanced view of the opinions of the Brazilian population.

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