Educational Advocacy Through Comedy: Blog Post #3



My research has been finished for a while now and I’m currently in the deepest chasm of my implementation phase. These types of commitments are difficult when you have many other responsibilities to tend to, but I’m still just barely managing to make it work. My monologues have been recorded and I’m currently making arrangements to have them mixed and mastered. I decided that these monologues are chick full of important information and should be treated as such so I’m looking to maximize the potential of this project at this point. I’ve been reaching out to talented film students and I’m sure that they’re help can only make this project better.


As the implementation phase goes on, things continue to get complicated in regards to the comedy aspect of the work. For instance, I wouldn’t have been able to show audiences my monologues during the gas leak incident on campus because they would’ve probably been too stressed out and disgruntled to properly respond to the comedic aspects of the work. Furthermore, work on this project is helping me to realize how much timing and pictures can affect comedy as well. Sometimes you don’t need jokes to make people laugh—random pictures at the right time can make that happen. Although it’s become stressful, this research project has been helping me to learn more about my own craft without me even knowing it.

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