Spring Research Blog #3

Hope everyone had a successful fall semester!

It has been a busy semester so far! Dr. Northrup and I have been continuously working this month on the creation of my research poster. In November, I was accepted to attend and present at the Eastern Nursing Research Society 27th Annual Scientific Sessions, in Washington D.C. I am very excited to present my research project and represent Pace University in April. This month has been strictly dedicated to finishing the poster because, on February 27th, ENRS requires a snapshot of the poster to be considered for a First, Second or Third Place Poster Award. I consider this opportunity a huge accomplishment and success for my research experience.

Since the poverty simulation last semester was such a success, Dr. Northrup has scheduled the next one for Sunday, April 19th. Again, we intend to distribute the Jefferson Scale of Empathy and Undergraduate Perceptions of Poverty Tracking Survey assessment tools pre- and post- intervention to the nursing students experiencing the simulation. The challenge will be to correct any mistakes or issues we encountered with the last data collection. I believe we are up for this challenge and will obtain more significant statistics.

The progress of this research project has come a long way since last May. Dr. Northrup and I have accomplished so much together over the past several months. We successfully completed the first phase of our research, and hopefully the second phase will generate more statistically significant data for student empathy and attitudes. Although entering the data in SPSS software was tedious and a bit confusing, Dr. Northrup was able to teach me a lot about the process and the important statistics that we needed. Hopefully with the next collected data, I can enter the numbers and execute the calculations more productively. I believe learning the statistics component of research through this experience will significantly benefit me, especially if I become a Graduate Assistant next fall.

I look forward to participating in the next poverty simulation, and hope the students will prove upon their empathy and attitude towards individuals living in poverty!

Author: Colleen

Senior Lienhard School of Nursing RN4 - BSN Program Graduation May 2015

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