Lessons as I am preparing to finalize my research project and presentation on HK Democracy

The other day, in a meeting with the Women’s Empowerment Network here at Pace, I was asked what work I was most proud of (in general).. I answered that it was my research work on the Hong Kong Democracy movement and the impact it has had on me and my future career in international relations. It is with great honor that I was accepted into this program and connected with Professor Joseph T. H. Lee whom I had not had the chance to take a course with but our passion for Hong Kong was instantly shared.

While I am finalizing this year-long project and compiling my resources, I have realized that there are many lessons I have learned while being apart of this program.

  • From countless presentations/papers on my research, I have been challenged to differentiate the context of my work so that it is not only fresh for my audience but also to myself.
  • A good night’s rest is also quite helpful in the nights leading up to long presentations so that I do not drone on about a topic I indeed find quite fascinating and almost unbelievable.
  • It is handy to have a presentation prepared in case someone asks for me to come into a class, especially on a last minute request.. These presentations must have visuals that engage and interact with the audience —- ALSO make sure that your YouTube videos are still working, many a time I have had difficulties with embedded videos
  • Things are always changing and evolving in any research subject so be sure to check the news and research journals before preparing for a paper/presentation for there may be updates you are not aware of that should be incorporated or at least mentioned

Writing is not the only method of research and those who enjoy talking to others should invest in taking time out to give presentations of their scholarly work to their peers or other audiences. I hope that these tips come in handy for researchers to come…

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