Spring Research Blog #4

Happy Spring everyone!

I am pleased to report that our research poster has been successfully completed and printed. The poster looks really good and I look forward to presenting it in Washington, D.C. Now that the poster is finished Dr. Northrup and I have been preparing for my presentation, by anticipating possible questions from observers. I showed the poster to my housemates and practiced answering their questions. It was an excellent way to rehearse and feel comfortable discussing the research. Also, I really enjoyed conversing with my friends and receiving their feedback.

The articles important and relevant to our research project have been printed out. I will have the articles with me at the ENRS Conference during my poster presentation. Dr. Northrup and I want to make sure that I have everything I need before going to Washington D.C., on April 15th. The last item to address before the conference is my complete understanding of the statistics used and the statistical significance of the results. Once I practice and become comfortable discussing the statistics involved, Dr. Northrup and I will feel ready to conquer the research conference! We are both really excited and eager to represent Pace University.

On Sunday, April 19th, the second poverty simulation will take place. Since the Jefferson Scale of Empathy assessment tool presented without any statistical significance in pre- and post- results, Dr. Northrup and I have decided to only distribute the Undergraduate Perceptions of Poverty Tracking Survey to students. Before leaving for Washington D.C., the poverty simulation kit must be reorganized and prepared. We hope that the data results of students will indicate a stronger improvement in positive attitudes towards those living in poverty after the simulation.

The past year has been such a wonderful experience for me. The research program and working along side Dr. Northrup has completely changed my college career. I have applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Pace, which I will hopefully begin in the fall, and plan to work as Dr. Northrup’s Graduate Assistant. I look forward to pursuing more research opportunities and continuing to work with Dr. Northrup.

I hope to see everyone at the research showcase in May!

Thank you to those who have been following my research blogs!

Best regards,


Author: Colleen

Senior Lienhard School of Nursing RN4 - BSN Program Graduation May 2015

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