Blog 3- Is Rio going GREEN or for the GOLD?

Dr. Green and I have finished our research. We are formatting the tables and charts, looking at current newsfeeds from brazil to update our data so that it is current, and analyzing everything to make our conclusions. From our research we found that Rio has taken a sustainable approach in the planning and development stages of the games, focusing on: 

  • Establishing a standard of sustainability for holding events
  • Inserting sustainability into the DNA of event organization
  • Serving as an example of good sustainable practice
  • Being transparent through dialogue with society


The Rio Olympics committee created the ‘Embrace’ proposal for the 2016 games, aiming for sustainable practice before, during and after the games. They have created three levels of sustainability: planet, people and prosperity. The planet pillar focuses on the delivery of a low-impact game, aiming to not overuse energy resources while still maintaining a high quality event. Three key focuses on the planet level will be efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and limited waste. The people pillar will try to encompass all people to enjoy both the Olympic and Paralympic games. With a focus on people, Rio will raise awareness and educate spectators and guests on diversity, inclusion and accessibility. The third pillar, prosperity, focuses on the selection of suppliers for the games, transparency with the public, and the creation of an environment to encourage dialogue and communication with civil society participants (“Our Proposal”, 2015).

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