Mindful Messaging attempts to aid the user in better understanding their relationship with digital media and the potential motivations which lie behind their behaviors. Through education and applied strategies (for example, guided meditations or an interactive text message composition tool), the app aids individuals develop an awareness and acceptance of their behaviors. By doing so, the app aims at reducing impulsivity/high-risk behaviors and increasing personal and relationship satisfaction.

We expect to further our analysis of the data which is constantly in the process of growing in order to better understand the usefulness of our app, the trends of users, its effectiveness in changing behaviors and attitudes, and to understand the population we can help the most, amongst other aims.

We will also use the data from this pilot study to apply for an NIH grant for behavioral intervention so we can study the app amongst a larger population. We will also produce several papers and presentations this data.

We will use qualitative analysis of data collected through Mixpanel, an analytics platform tailored to analyze data from mobile devices and will also run various correlational studies in order to observe changes in the behaviors of users before and after using Mindful Messaging.

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