Determining the function of F10C2.4 in Reproduction of C. elegans

The focus of my research is to determine the function of gene F10C2.4 in regards to Reproduction in C. elegans. C. elegans are microscopic worms that are model organisms since they have their whole genome sequenced, reproduces quickly, easy to maintain along with can easily be manipulated and observed due to its transparency. C. elegans have about 40% the same genes as humans, therefore we hope to compare our results to how reproduction occurs in humans. This project will help me practice the skills in learn in Genetics lab on a gene of my own thus furthering my understanding of the methods learned in class. The major method we have used is RNAi treatment which knocks out the gene of interest. So far, our results have not been consistent therefore we are tweaking factors in the worms and environment to see what gives us the best result. Overall, with the research papers I have read so far, we know very little about this gene. Hopefully, during this year I will be able to gather some more information about F10C2.4 in order to determine why we have this gene, how does it effect reproduction and whether or not my results transferable to human cells.

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