Blog Post #2 By: Anna Magnante

We have made much progress so far. Over nine interviews have been conducted with faculty teaching Civic Engagement courses at Pace University.  Of these nine professors four are male, and five are female. Four faculty teach Civic Engagement courses on the New York City campus, and five on the Pleasantville campus. Through these interviews we have gained invaluable insight to the teaching and and effort put into service learning classes. Each professor has a unique approach to teaching their class. The passions of  the professor seems to have a large impact on these classes. For example if a professor is passionate about the environment, civic engagement will be centered around “going green,” as opposed to a professor that is passionate about immigration and centers there course around it. Although each class is different we have found something all professors have in common. Each faculty member feels very strongly about increasing CE courses at Pace. They would like to see the University and Center for Community Action and Research make a greater effort in educating and encouraging professors about service learning and civic engagement based courses. 

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