Blog #2

Thus far, I have completed extra research assignments for Dr. Martin. Besides researching movie review archives from 1969-1970, I have looked through an additional batch of archives (provided by the mentor) pertaining to Arthur Penn’s film Bonnie and Clyde. Furthermore, at this point in time, of the considered films: Bonnie and ClydeBadlandsThelma and Louise, and Natural Born Killers, the second-in-list has been the most difficult in consideration for analysis in my research. Luckily, Dr. Martin has found some insightful material pertaining to Malick’s film; it appears the film might make the cut after all. She has also compiled a selection of books on all of the above films (mainly on Penn’s) that will prove to be extremely useful.

Other than that, my goals from this point until the beginning of Spring 2016 is to have a complete draft of the paper. The remainder of the semester will focus on revising and editing the content. I hope everybody’s research is going well!

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