Blog #3: Home stretch

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete a whole draft of the essay by the end of winter break. I only completed roughly 50%. However, upon revisiting what I did complete, I realized that I wanted to alter the focus of the paper. In other words, I wanted to make the subject matter more specific. After meeting with Dr. Martin, I had argued that spreading a paper over four films would be too diluted in trying to keep the thesis effective. Rather, what I suggested was to eliminated two of the films from the thesis entirely: Terrence Malick’s Badlands and Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. This was a tremendous relief for me once she gave me her blessing.

The way I approached writing this paper was to work backwards–a suggestion made by Dr. Martin. I wrote four to five pages on Badlands and another four to five pages on Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise. After revisiting them for revision, I found that I had much more to write about for the latter; it was a lot of fun, and the process felt really organic. Perhaps this is because I connected more with Scott’s film (I’m sure of it actually). However, working backwards made finding the connections between T&L and Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde much easier. Do not confuse the means with the quality of a product. The points that are common to both films will be strongly presented, and I feel that this will be more effective versus the original proposal. I have roughly half of the paper left to write; but, as I had said to myself after composing my analysis on T&L, the paper will write itself.


Felipe Villalon

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