Blog Post #3: Determining the function of F10C2.4 in C. elegans Updates

Over the past year I have been developing and improving my research methods in order to get a better understanding of each steps involved in my project. So far we have moved from understanding that F10C2.4 is involved in reproduction to gathering data to support that F10C2.4 is not necessary in ovulation however is necessary to produce viable offspring. From this the results have shown that there is a dramatic decrease of progeny when F10C2.4 is not present. In preparing for presenting my research at the Society of Fellows I had to dig a lot more into my gene to see what it does. From that I have learned that it is a DNA Polymerase which may be necessary for specifically replication or something else. F10C2.4 is a gene that encodes for a protein which makes up to delta subunit of DNA Polymerase. From the schematic online, that looks like a small part of the overall Polymerase. It makes me think how such a small change can impact the viability of an organism.

I have learned so far that scientific research takes a lot of steps and preparation along with online research to understand what is updating within my field. However it has been a growing positive experience in which I hope to continue to develop my project.


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