Blog #1 – Exploration of Inorganic Chemistry Experiments

I am Tyler Brescia and I am working on an Undergraduate Research Project with Dr. Upmacis in Inorganic Chemistry. The goal of our project is to work through and discover more experiments that can be used in a teaching-laboratory setting. As it stands, the current Inorganic Chemistry lab course includes both computational sections as well as “wet lab” work sections. In performing research on different types of experiments, we will be able to hopefully expand the wet lab work and offer a diverse set of tests that will help to teach and reinforce concepts from the classroom. We will be exploring different experiments, testing different procedures for each one, and evaluating the results, difficulty, and safety of the experiment to determine if it is suitable for use in a teaching-lab.

I’m hoping that through performing this research on different experiments, I will be able to hone my skills in a laboratory settings as well as to further deepen my own knowledge of both Inorganic Chemistry and the research process. Research has begun on our first experiment in synthesizing an oxygen-carrying Cobalt complex. The first step, creating a ligand, H2Salen, used as a precursor for the Cobalt complex has been produced. A picture is included. The next step is to test the sample to confirm and then continue with the next steps of the experiment.20161011_175200

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