Discrimination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics using vibrational spectroscopy Blog #1


The title of my research is “Discrimination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics using vibrational spectroscopy”. The goal of this whole project is to differentiate between four fluoroquinolones that I will be testing. The four fluoroquinolones I am working with are sarafloxacin, enrofloxacin, norfloxacin, and ciprofloxacin. Through my research, I will be able to analyze their chemical bonds and compounds.

From this project, I hope to learn different computational techniques that I can apply to schoolwork and other classes that involve lab. The main component of this project is computational software called Gaussian. Gaussian helps analyze chemical bounds of a compound. This program will be able to help me past this project. I will be able to analyze angles and vibrational movement for any compounds that need analyzing in the future. There will also be vibrational spectroscopy techniques that I might apply with my future job. I hope this UGRI project helps build laboratory skills that will help turn me into a better researcher.

In order to differentiate between the four fluoroquinolones, I will be using vibrational spectroscopy. Vibrational spectroscopy includes the usage of Raman and IR. The spectras produced from the data will show where the drug vibrates at different wavelengths. Each peak on the spectra corresponds with a vibrational movement of the atom. By looking at these peaks of the four fluoroquinolones, I will be able to make a differentiation. Gaussian, the computing software described above, will also help me with this analysis. Gaussian will help with the analysis of peaks and being able to distinguish where each compounds moves at an exact wavelength. Using vibrational spectroscopy and computational software, I will be able to make a clear distinction between the four fluoroquinolones.

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