The complicated relationship in reading addiction, a challenging framework. Blog post 1

“Using Resentment: Representations of the Caregiver in the Time of Addiction in Scott Heim’s We Disappear” engages an emerging topic in the field of literary disability studies, the role of the caregiver, from the new angle of drug addiction. This project is meant to extend questions that complicate readership’s interpretation of literature infused with addiction. Most importantly, this research will exercise rhetoric that explores the difference and affect of readership intimately likened to addiction and readership dislocated from a more comprehensive understanding. Scott Heim’s latest novel pits addiction as a focal point that demonstrates a life lived with addiction and the performance of recovery and the struggle for survival within a quality of life where death is an organic consequence.

Research methodology will focus heavily on a close examination of the central text, We Disappear, and will be supported with literary and medical reference material. I will incorporate a strong theoretical framework to construct connective tissue between readers, the disability and the literature. As of now my research is mostly drawn from French Psychologist Jacques Lacan. Theory will help me practice rhetoric within the disability discourse and answer questions that probe the necessary emotions and affect to understand addiction in and out of literature.

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