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Since the last blog post, Dr. Greenberg and I have focused our attention towards ensuring our freshman student participants have completed the 4 surveys; State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), Westside Aromatherapy Survey, Aromatherapy Demographic/Scales, and Sleep Quality Assessment (PSQI). Now that the students have completed the surveys we are in the process of providing them the aromatherapy inhalers for them to utilize. This is a randomized – blind trial. The students do not know if they have the control group or not. They also do not know what 2 scented oils we have decided to use. We hope to see reduction in stress and anxiety, especially since it’s time for finals! We will continue communicating with the students to follow up on the progress of this study.

Conversely, our primary focus is going to be analyzing the statistics of the responses for each survey. Here is some of our participant demographic information.


  • Female: 83.33%
  • Male: 16.67%



  • 17 years old: 4.17% (with parental consent)
  • 18 years old: 87.5%
  • 19 years old: 8.33%

Marital Status:

  • Single: 95.83%
  • Relationship: 4.17%

Which school at Pace they attend;

  • College of Health Professions: 50%
  • Dyson College of Arts and Science: 41.67%
  • Lubin School of Business: 4.17%
  • Seidenberg School of CSIS: 4.17%


Participant Majors:

  • Psychology: 25%
  • Business: 4.17%
  • Nursing: 54.17%
  • Computer Science: 4.17%
  • Communications: 4.17%
  • Environmental Science: 4.17%
  • Criminal Justice: 4.17%


Modalities used to aid in anxiety control;

Massage use: 9 participants answered for this, of those 9 participants;

  • Weekly: 33.33%
  • Monthly: 66.67%

Energy Balance (Reiki, Polarity) use: 4 participants answered for this, of those 4 participants;

  • Weekly: 25%
  • Monthly: 75%

Chiropractic use: 4 participants answered for this, of those 4 participants;

  • Monthly: 100%

Relaxation, Medication, or Imagery use: 13 participants answered for this, of those 13 participants;

  • Daily: 30.77%
  • Weekly: 15.38%
  • Monthly: 53.85%

TENS use: 4 participants answered for this, of those 4 participants;

  • Monthly: 4%

Exercise use: 17 participants answered for this, of those 17 participants:

  • Weekly: 17.65%
  • Weekly: 70.59%
  • Monthly: 11.76%

Specific answers given by participants for exercise:

  1. Fencing, going to the gym
  2. I go for walks daily. It increases my heart rate and I feel better afterwards!
  3. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week because it makes me feel good to be in shape.
  4. Treadmill and weightlifting
  5. I dance as a dance instructor for 4 hours 3-4 times a week.
  6. I do a routine workout at the gym or a run outdoors.
  7. I go to the gym, run on the treadmill, ride the bike, and work on my abs.
  8. Go to the gym everyday plays basketball.
  9. I got to the gym at least once a week and do cardio for 45 minutes.
  10. I dance two to three times a week. I also practice yoga about one time a week.
  11. Going to the gym and doing a set workout 3-4 days a week.
  12. Go to the gym and do cardio and weight lifting.
  13. Go to the gym regularly, or when I can. At least one or two times a week.
  14. I go to the gym daily and do cardio as well as ab/core workouts.

Aromatherapy use: 7 participants answered for this, of those 7 participants:

  • Weekly: 28.57%
  • Monthly: 71.43%

Specific answers given by participants for aromatherapy use:

  1. Burning candles
  2. I have an aromatherapy doll filled with incense.

Answers provided by participants for methods to aid in anxiety control that are not listed above:

  1. Play steel drum
  2. Taking a nap
  3. I just listen to music/play video games and relax.
  4. I sleep to ease my anxiety, run or color.
  5. I listen to relaxing music to help calm me down or take a nap.
  6. I recently started attending therapy sessions
  7. Take naps

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Senior BSN Student. VALOR Student Nurse technician at James Peter's VA Medical Center, Bronx.

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