Blog Post 2

My research has taken me in an interesting and slightly different direction. A lot of my research examines the public policy that lead to the planned shrinkage and decay of New York in the 70s and 80s. I am thinking it might be worthwhile to alter my angle just a bit and focus on how policy can create either urban decay or urban renewal and eventual displacement. Through policing, rezoning, redlining, and social service cuts, lawmakers are able to manipulate demographic shifts and essentially entire neighborhoods.

The next component I need is to find more policing data on policies like Broken Windows and Stop & Frisk. It is a well known fact that minorities are disproportionately targeted through this policies but I am trying to find out exact numbers and percentages.

The next piece of my research I am very eager to begin are the interviews of displaced people from Williamsburg and Greenpoint and residents of Bushwick who are afraid they might be next. One of the most important aspects of this research for me and Dr. Salerno is putting a face to all the statistics and policies and facts. We really want people to have the opportunity to tell their own stories and show their perspectives.

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