Journal Literature Review Progress

The focus of the rest of this semester has been on the Literature Review of the journal being written about the use of deadly force on the mentally ill. I have found many great sources and have mapped out the directions I want the Literature Review to go. I am still getting used to how it is structured and the type of language/ writing of this section of the journal. I am confident in the knowledge I have collected and am eager to move forward.

The S.H.O.T Database Statistics on the website have been an essential starting point to collecting data for my research. It has showed me examples of these instances, along with their locations. This has actively led me to finding solid sources about how law enforcement are making changes to improve mentally ill and police interactions.
I’ve also found the adversities law enforcement have encountered when it coming to a situation with a mentally ill person. For instance, a lack of funding due to a small mentally ill presence in the community. The well being of the mental ill is seldom a priority of law enforcement who do not actively have predicaments with them involved. The approach of unspecialized law enforcement is very “cookie cutter” or one size fits all. A solution begins with more specialized training in the academy as opposed to a brief general overview. Many mental disorders are very different and being able to handle different common ones is important, even if there is not room in a community budget for a Task Force.
I have sent my beginning of the Literature Review to Professor Arslan and we both agree I need to make improvements. with everything going on this semester it has been difficult to give 100% of my attention to this literature. However, I look forward to having time over winter break to dedicate to perfecting the literature to ensure the journal’s foundation is strong.
Once the Lit Review is completed. I will start collecting data on mentally ill being shot during police encounters. This will start by Spring Semester.

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