Mid-Year Blog

In my research, we’ve made significant progress.  We have derived the empirical results from the Chinese students who took the survey in China in Excel.  So far we have found that males and females are using technology differently.  We have also found that technology is being used for different purposes and in varied concentrations in rural and urban areas.

Mid-way through this semester, we decided that adding another sample would benefit the research . We decided to add a sample of Pace students so that our paper can be a comparison between three different groups: Chinese students born and educated in China, Chinese students born in China and completing their higher education at Pace, and students born and educated in the United States and completing their higher education at Pace.  We believe the additional data set will improve our model and increase the significance of our work.

We have now begun the stages of administering surveys to students at Pace.  We are specifically curious to find out the differences in answers from students who were born and raised in the United States, and students who were born and raised in China, but came to the US to complete their higher education. We hope to receive 200 responses before the end of the semester.  We will be working hard during the winter break to complete the data analysis so that we can be ready to present our paper at the EEA Conference next semester.


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