The Combined Effect of Erlotinib and PNUTS Knockdown in Pancreatic Cancer Cells (Blog #2)

Not much has gone on since the last time I have posted a blog. We were unfortunately set back by a loss of MiaPaCa2 cells. It seemed as though they were growing too slow after a long time of splitting. This affected our results greatly and started to make them unreliable. New cells were ordered, a new line called PanC1 cells, but the major setback was that the shipment was delayed. We were unable to work on any cells for some time. However, we have received those cells (which we were very excited about!) and started conducting the same experiments to see if we would get the same results as before.

My skills at splitting, transfection, and pipetting have greatly improved. Before, I was unable to pipette evenly (something which seems so easy to do yet it takes so much practice). As far as this new experiment I have worked on, the results (and cell counts within each well) have been fantastic! We achieved the same result as with the MiaPaCa2 cells. These results lead us to believe that the combined effect of both drug and knockdown yield a much lower cell count. I am to conduct another experiment like this to confirm our results, which I have no doubt will go as smoothly as this one has.

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