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The study right now is going pretty slowly. Because this is such an important study, we want to make sure everything is done thoroughly and correctly. We are currently going through the transcribed interviews and working on our coding process. This means we meet and take key themes and key quotes said in each interview and we then place them in a document and place them as an open code, from there we find the axillary code and selective code each is attached too. The is all important because this is what is later turned into data findings and the end result of the study

I am in a group that is coding one of the interviews before our lab meetings every Thursday and I am also transcribing some of the last few interviews left at that stage. I am actively working in our lab time coding sessions as well as my pre-lab meeting group. We are getting a lot of work done.

I am learning about the new way of coding with the axillary, sub-axillary, selective, and open codes. It is a lot of work and hard to grasp but I am slowly getting it. We are also about to go in to having a few more interviews and participants and then hopefully we will have reached saturation and can get into the data work. This lab was start spring semester 2016 and it will continue until it is done.

We are working hard and I am learning a lot! The rest will just fall into place!

Author: Sarah Davis

21 year old Psychology undergraduate student class of 2018 at Pace University currently involved in Dr. Leora Trub's mentored lab covering Technology in the Frame of Therapy.

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