Undergraduate Research Blog Post #2


Discuss the progress you have made so far. 

Since the initial blog post we have been analysing past research papers as well as other academic reviews in order to have a thorough literature review. This led to a vast amount of variables and a large pile of data, which we are currently in the process of fine tuning to only the essential variables for the parsimonious model.

Provide insights and reflections on the data you have obtained so far. 

The primary tool that I will be using to create a model will be STATA, thus I had to get well acquainted with STATA over the course of time since the previous blog post. I have begun testing various simple models in order to insure accuracy and allow the data to be presented in the most efficient format possible. I plan to finish the variable-related work over the break and we hope to test the model early next semester; while consulting the most recent economic resources and statistics available.

Include any questions raised from the data you collected. 

Given that the result of the election has already been decided this will be slightly unorthodox, we have to make sure that the data is not affected in any way by this. Further, the more we continue to streamline the data the more the data is leaning to a few essential variables such as certain states, population vote v. general vote, historical precedence, etc. The significance of the work can be seen simply by removing the unnecessary factors from the data.

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