Generation Z & Millennials Differences In Political Engagement And Community Service

This semester has been purely focused on looking for existing research on the topic that I will be researching on the Pace community. Since Generation Z just started to get to college, this is a very new topic, and there is not a lot of existing research on it. Therefore, it was challenging to develop a well-structured literature review to have a base to conduct the actual research next semester. However, with the help of my advisor I was able to find resources and develop a very useful framework for the research that we will be conduction next semester.

So far, we already developed some interview questions that we will be using on our research and a paper stipulating the proposed methodology and literature review. While developing this content, I have been able to identify some trends in the main differences highlighted by researchers between Generation Z and Millennials. It was interesting to learn that Millennials approach to community service seems to be very centered in volunteering activates, while Generation’s Z appears to be in different areas at they appear to have an intrinsic interest in creating progress. However, one of the most valuable lessons that this research has thought me is that there is not an absolute answer and as a student, reader, or research is my responsibility to read about many different perspectives and try to take the least biased approach based on all the different resources available.

I relate this not only with specific findings of generations but also with the fact that generational theory as the base of a study is also questioned by some authors. It has been very interesting and fulfilling to be forced to understand different sides of the argument and came up with what the most valuable approach can be.

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