Blog Post #3

I believe as time has passed, I’ve made some good progress, especially since my last blog post. I used to struggle the most with injecting my fish embryos with morpholino oglionucleotide, as well as using the confocal microscope. However, now I find both techniques easy and rather fun. This was a big challenge I overcame and now feel confident doing. By being able to do both these crucial steps in my study, I’ve started to collect some very interesting data. I’m seeing that at some specific concentration of morpholino, under the confocal microscope there seems to be an increase in the amount of hair cells within each neuroblast. This was very exciting for both my mentor and I.

Finding the concentration of the morpholino to inject was rather hard. Often times my injections were killing the embryos because the concentrations were too high. Many trials needed to be done to find the right amount to inject. One of the biggest things I’ve learned through this experiment was to be patient. I never expected it to take so much time. However, it was my patience and practice that finally allowed me to get good and promising results. My next step in my study is to kill off the hair cells in my fish by use of copper treatment in order to measure the rate of growth and cell number of the hair cells.

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